Electronics enthusiasts lost a great friend and contributor in November, 2015. Dick Moore had been actively helping and creating in the audio electronics field for over fifty years. He once worked with Paul Klipsch and among other things, was responsible for optimizing the positioning of the drivers in the famous Cornwall speakers. I knew him through his remarkable series of “greenings” of the Heathkit IG-18 audio generator, which happily intersected with our own efforts, as related in our Tronola article on the subject. Our focus here belies the rich life Dick led and you can find out more here.
     Tronola is pleased and honored to republish here, in its entirety, the sterling website Dick created over a decade in his retirement. We are grateful to his lifelong companion and wife, the Reverend Robin Moore, for her kind support in this endeavor. We are also indebted to Tronola author, Arthur Grannell for his generous efforts to facilitate this publication. Finally, we would like to thank Larry Burk, who first introduced us to Dick’s work, back in 2012. — S. Lafferty, December, 2016