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32K RAM Kit for the PDP-8/e, 8/f, 8/m, 8/a

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We are pleased to report that a PCB has been created for the PDP-8/e,f,m,a RAM board, presented in our article, “Build a 32K RAM Board for the PDP-8/e”.

The PCB was created by Vince Slyngstad and he offered a complete kit, including battery, PCB and parts in a group buy which ended in March, 2014. There might still be extras available, so please contact him if you want one (email below).

Please note that Tronola and I (Steve Lafferty) are not associated with Vince’s project, except for providing encouragement and having published the article.

Vince’s website (with lots more PCB layouts) is at:

Details of the original Kit offer:

The 32K RAM kit is an Omnibus card for the PDP-8/e, 8/f, 8/m, and 8/a:

  • Complete kit, including battery, PCB and parts. Soldering required. Includes IC sockets for the RAM kit, but not for the prototype area.
  • The amount is $95, including shipping. If you are outside the USA, please add $20 for shipping.
  • Please make Paypal payment to the email address below. Paypal will show Vince’s wife’s name, Hildebrand.
  • Ordering for this project closed in March, 2014 but there may be extras.
  • The kits are expected to ship by May 8th. (Long PCB turn time is used to keep the price down.)
  • Please allow up to 10-days for delivery.

Some features of the kit:

  • Battery backup with long life.
  • Inhibit on power fail to prevent memory corruption.
  • Easy to build, with all through-hole parts.
  • Provides full 32K memory in a single card slot.
  • Cooperation with any mix of core memory or ROM boards.
  • Compatibility with the Omnibus.
  • Most of the full Omnibus board area is laid out for prototyping.
  • High quality board with gold fingers, plated holes, silk screen and solder-mask.

If available, you can order a kit by sending a PayPal payment of $95 to the following email address. Please inquire about availability before ordering: vince addr