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Favorite Web Links

  • Audio Page of Dr. W. Marshall Leach, Jr. - Was a beloved professor of EE at Ga Tech. He made fascinating contributions to the field of audio and electronic design for over 40 years. You can find a link to some of his publications here. Sadly, we lost Dr. Leach in 2010. Thanks to Don Miller for the suggestion.
  • Maker Pro - A new, completely user-generated website with lots of great projects based on many microcontroller and home automation platforms.
  • Atlanta Historical Computing Society - This is a great group for folks interested in vintage computers and the earlier days of the computer revolution.
  • Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum - David Larsen, author of the famous Bugbook series, treats us to his extensive collection of vintage computing memorabilia.
  • Mouser Electronics - Because they are so hobbyist friendly (no minimum), have a great online catalog, ship fast and never make mistakes!
  • Dynakit - Lots of parts for supporting or even building Dynaco amplifiers from scratch.
  • - Forums with an awesome number of active members. The volume and breadth of the postings is stunning. Check out their “group buys.”
  • Nostalgic Kits Central - Excellent coverage of the products of Heathkit, Eico, Dynaco and many other kit makers. Has lots of pictures, specs, dates and other resources. Truly a magnificent library of information!
  • Adrian Kingston’s Sony CD-101 Page - Great page which covers the pioneering Sony CD player (which is also the subject of an article on this site)

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